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Can cast iron radiators work on a modern heating system?
All our radiators are converted to work on a modern system. Over the years. Boilers have become more energy efficient. Victorian cast iron radiator designers left no room for improvement.

What size radiator do we need?
Cast iron radiators are made in various high, width or depth. Sections are Joined together to form the required dimensions and heat output of the
radiator. Section sizes start from 13” High Squats to 45” High Princess radiators.

How do you restore Cast Iron Radiators?
At Just Cast Radiator Ltd we use controlled heat and specialist tools to remove all old bushes and blanks. Then the radiator is hot pressure flushed from all opening to clear any sediment, refurbish or replace fitting to keep the radiator authenticity and convert the radiator to modern system from gravity fed. Then the radiator is put on 24-hour pressure testing up to 4 bar if no leaks or a fall in pressure then the radiator go to are Blasting Unit. After blasting the radiator is primed with anti-corrosive primer. Then the radiator is hot pressure flushed, pressure tested and 24 hours monitored for any fall in pressure. No leaks or fall in pressure, then the radiator go to are Spay Booth Unit for further primer applications and paint finishes, artistic hand paint finishes and polishing.

Do we need a large number of cast iron radiators and all need to be the same style?
With a large number of cast iron radiators in stock the same style. We supply to commercial property for further information please contact us.

Can you restore my, cast iron radiator?
For customer own radiator full restoration service. Prices start from £200 per radiator with feet. Prices start from £230 per radiator without feet.
Any radiator longer than 1.5 meters please contact us on sales@justcastradiator.co.uk

Do you buy, cast iron radiators?
We do buy old cast iron radiators simply attach a picture with the dimensions, present condition of the radiator and location to sales@justcastradiator.co.uk

How do we work out the Btu’s?
Visit the Btu/ watts calculator on the web page and input the correct dimensions and it works it out for you. Renewable energy systems differ so please contact us to discuss. With cast iron radiators on a working system, cast iron retains heat, so when the water in the system circulates and the flow temperature returns to the boiler hotter so that saves on your energy consumption.

Do we need a specialist plumber to install the cast iron radiator?
Any plumber should be able to install if they have the correct sizes and fittings.

Do you Deliver?
Our Deliveries to, local and mainland UK is by company vehicle or palletised. Local Deliveries within 20mile radius £90.00 each way.
Palletised price £95.00 each way per radiator order with regards to weight. Additional charges for Scotland or outside the UK.
For more information please contact sales@justcastradiator.co.uk

All Deliveries are kerb side (curb side or kerbside) only. The driver or any person assisting, is at their own discretion, they are not insured once invited onto your property they cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage or injury caused. Logistics, protection and safety must be considered at all times. When handling lifting and loading radiators. We carry out Risk Assessments and follow Health and Safety Guidelines. Any radiator over 1.5m length they are additional charges please contact sales@justcastradiator.co.uk

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We are situated in Oldham, Manchester around 10 minutes from the M60. Our showroom displays a cross section of our extensive stock of reclaimed radiators as well as all the different types of finishes we offer.

To arrange a private viewing to discuss your requirements please contact our sales team on 07745 717 728 or send an email to sales@justcastradiators.co.uk